Thursday, February 13, 2014

Niches and campsite

Good progress has continued over the last few days. Lounge and kitchen walls are in, the kitchen window lintel is in, most of the columns completed, the strip footing for the garden wall and the small slab at the entrance have been poured, the shower base in the studio is notched in, all the gear that was stored in the caravan annex is now in the workshop, and the first load of roof timbers have arrived.

Only a few more house wall sections to build then lots of over- and under-fills and the garden wall. And, of course, the feature fireplace wall. This wall has been a moving feast and now seems settled to being a multi textured, layers scening rammed earth wall. Maryanne and Andy are conjuring up something wonderful. You will be amazed!

Our house is now feeling more like an enclosed space. Its rooms and views are now defined. The safe, solid and comfortable feel of the rammed earth is becoming dominant. We often spend time after dinner wandering the floors in the late evening light. Last night we cut all the foam inserts out of the niches so we can now see the full effects of their shapes.

Our rammed earth crew and Caleb are camping with us under the macrocarpa trees. What a friendly, accomodating shelter those mystically shaped trees have afforded us!

Photos will tell the rest.

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  1. Those niches are transforming Stonehenge into the Colosseum. South bathroom wall is brilliant. And the comment functionality on the blog is obviously working now.