Sunday, February 9, 2014

Painted views.

After a busy weekend with Caleb completing cladding the garage module, hanging the machine shop sliding door and fitting the header over the garage door I am grabbing a few minutes to write this post before the next week begins. Although we had a brilliant weekend and achieved much we didn't get all planned projects finished. We were frustrated by yet another two blunders by suppliers. Firstly we discovered the pattern on the cladding we had been sent was of two different dimensions meaning we couldn't line up one sheet above another and had to remove and destroy several painted and fitted sheets and can't use the remaining painted sheets - the supplier has agreed to replace them and the paint (thanks). The other was the shower base I had confirmed prior to ordering did not need rebating into the bathroom wall turned out to require rebating into the bathroom wall - it will have to be replaced.

Since the last post we have had the plumbing of the garage module, in particular the toilet and shower drains connected to the septic tank, the gas hot water system installed and the water supply completed so we can use them - once we get the correct shower base and install it.

A few photos of the newly painted interior of Maryanne's studio, the garage, machine shop and my workshop, in that order; then of the outside, the final coats and one sheet of cladding to add. Lastly, two views of our evolving home as the rammed earth magicians grow new walls and the imagined house takes shape.

Sorry. Ran out of time to put the photos in order. You will have to sort them out for yourselves until I get time to do it.

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